I am house sharing, how should I deal with housing benefits?

I am house sharing, how should I deal with housing benefits?

If, like many young people, you are interested by shared accommodation, this page is made for you. Indeed, we will explain you everything about shared housing assistance.

I am in a shared accommodation; can I have the right to housing assistance?

Do you live in an accommodation with one or more people? Then you are house sharing and you can claim, under certain conditions, for housing assistance. This house assistance will help you pay your share of the rent.

Please note: the person sharing your housing can not be your spouse, partner, or civil partner! Furthermore, the owner of your accommodation can not be one of your parents or grand-parents or one of your children.

How to do my request?

This housing assistance request must be made on your behalf. You cannot apply for housing assistance for yourself and one of your housemates. It is up to your housemate to do its own request for housing assistance as well. You need to declare your rent share per month without the charges as well as the number of housemates. Therefore, you do not declare the total amount of the rent but the part at your expense.

In order to estimate your right to housing assistance, you can run a simulation on the website. Following this simulation, you will be able to submit your request online, still on the website.

If you are part of an agricultural profession and you are affiliated with the MSA (the Agricultural Social Mutuality), you will need to apply for housing assistance with the MSA. You can submit your request online on the website of your MSA in the “Mon espace privé” heading.

If a housemate arrives or leaves, do I have to declare it?

Absolutely. The departure or arrival of a new housemate can affect the amount of your housing assistance. Indeed, this departure or arrival can influence the part of the rent at your expense. Informing your benefits office or your MSA allows you to review your right to housing assistance the month following this change in your situation. This can prevent you from having to repay afterwards sums wrongly collected.

The Sé advice: never be late notifying a situation change! In fact, if you continue to receive a benefit to which you no longer entitled or to a lower amount, the social security organizations will ask you to reimburse the excess payment.